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These grey oyster mushrooms aka blue oyster (Pleurotus Ostreatus ) are a beautiful strain that we have found over the years of hunting for an all around high quality oyster. We grow these out on our organic Pacific Northwest farm for wholesale produce suppliers and local restaurants. Our Pleurotus Ostreatus blocks are made from 100% wood and plant based supplements. They weigh around 4lbs and should produce about a pound  (in optimal conditions). They are relatively easy to grow and fruit out, this block will provide multiple flushes of fruits in most circumstances. Our blocks and mushrooms are certified USDA Organic by The Oregon Department of Agriculture.


These blocks are READY TO FRUIT once shipped out. When you receive the block it can be stored in a fridge for up to a week if you aren't ready to fruit it right away.


In order to get the best results we do recommend some kind of fruiting or humidity chamber for most climates.


Our easy and detailed growing instructions are provided for each block.

Discounted price available for local and wholesale pickup, contact us for more info.

*Free Shipping for US customers*


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2 Pack Grey Oyster Ready to Fruit Organic Pleurotus Ostreatus Mushroom Block

  • There are no returns accepted or refunds issued on our blocks, 99% of our  blocks are guaranteed to fruit if provided with apporiate care. The other 1% we troubleshoot on a as needed basis, we do offer replacements for contaminated or faulty blocks.

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