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Proud producers of:
-organic specialty   
-mushroom grow kits     - -Mushroom supplements


  Here at Trailbridge Mushroom Co. we believe in only producing the highest quality mushrooms. Not only for appearance, taste, and shelf life, but for delivering the healthiest and freshest mushrooms to our customers. That's why Trailbridge Mushroom Co. is certified organic through Oregon Department of Agriculture and food safety certified. With over a decade of trials and good ol' hard work, we are able to offer only the best. We offer gourmet mushrooms such as shiitakes, oysters, lions mane, and reishi mushrooms for fresh wholesale as well as smaller orders for local businesses.


Mushroom Grow Kits

Certified Organic

Skincare & Supplements

 Our ready-to-fruit grow kits are simple and straightforward for any home grower. Currently available is our shiitake and grey oyster kits which include detailed instruction cards. Check out our FAQ page for any questions or concerns you may have about growing your own mushrooms at home.And keep a lookout for our instructional videos coming soon! 

Our tinctures and capsules are made using freshly picked + dehydrated mushrooms grown here at our farm, the tinctures are double extracted and cured over the course of several weeks to ensure the highest potency possible. The Trailbridge Farms skincare line includes the healing powers of our farm grown specialty mushrooms. Free of harmful ingredients and unnecessary fillers.


Farm Fresh Jams + Jellies

Canning has been a joy of the Trailbridge family since the mid 90's, having four kids meant preserving and prepping for future busy farm life. What has always been a hobby (and a favorite of relatives during the holidays) quickly was encouraged to branch out and SPREAD the home canned goodness! Gradually the batches became bigger and bigger, and seeing the opportunity to sell our preserves to our local community was so exciting! We began sampling to markets, shops and restaurants, everyone loved it and wanted more! 

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